June TBR

June TBR 📚💕 a few fresh picks and giving a chance to some i DNF’d before.


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ARC Review: The Life We Almost Had

Book: The Life We Almost Had

Author: Laura Miller

Publishing Date: 19th August 2017

My Rating: 5/5

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Back before everyone left the little town of Sweet Home to the ghosts, she was the girl next door. And he was the boy, who could never get on her father’s good side. But none of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was that her heart had picked him.

But that was years ago. And now, Berlin’s sister is praying for someone to show up to take her brother’s mind off the girl from his past. And surely enough, that someone does. But will this girl be able to cut the chains of his first love or will she just make him fall harder for that little girl he left behind in Sweet Home, Missouri?

One week is all they have.

Review: One of the cutest, simplest, yet the most intriguing love story I’ve ever read. Iva falls head over heels for the bad boy next door her father despises. Berlin feels the same and while he tries to become the boy Iva’s father will like fate takes a turn and separates them for 6 years. Iva is heartbroken and tries to hate someone she loved so much but her heart fails her when she crosses paths with her lost love again. Will they be able to put things behind them and move from each other? Or will all their wishes be granted and they can finally be together again?

I’m so glad I requested this ARC, I binged read the entire book in one sitting and it made my heart melt (secretly wished I had a next door boy crush) I gave me all the Colleen Hoover book vibes but this is Author Lauren Miller achieving a milestone because its officially one of my favorite book and I can’t wait to buy a physical copy! The book is written so well; you feel the connection from both sides. You feel what Berlin feels and you understand what all of Iva’s decisions throughout the book. The book is very realistic which makes it better. I was really sad when it came towards the end but thank god for twists of fate, it ended perfectly!

I very much recommend this book for all of you out there who love romance novels, the book releases on 19th August 2017 and you guys should definitely pick it up! And Lauren Miller, I am very much looking forward to reading your forthcoming books (if any, I hope) , keep up the good work!