Bookstagram Traffic- Tips and Tricks

3 minute read | By @thebooknookae

Have you just started a blog and need some guidance on how to help your post reach its true potential? Or have you been blogging for a while now and need some tips and tricks to help promote your bookstagram to the maximum number of audiences?

I’m no perfect/successful blogger but I’ve been blogging for 18months now and in this article i’ll be sharing all sorts of methods that have helped give my account the exposure it needs.


While thinking of an attractive picture, firstly – make a mental list of what attracts you when you view a picture yourself? What makes you double tap on Instagram? Save it for inspiration?

Personally, for me, its always been the Quality, the interactive setup, how much effort has been put into it and how well it turned out. Images bring life and soul to your blog, the better the picture the more audience you can attract and Natural light ALWAYS works! For example- when you go to the explorer to discover some new bloggers, you scroll through and click on the best picture you see. The same effort should be applied whilst posting your own pictures, is it attractive enough for you? Did you put in maximum effort to make it look the best?

Secondly, When the picture admiration is complete then only do we proceed to the Captions. Personally, a small caption is always easy to read and quick to reply to. Easily interactive quotes and content that is not very pensive to answer, something that is very commonly asked and answered but you haven’t seen anyone asking it lately. The key is to engage your audience in a comfortable conversation. And the most important point to remember is to, Always return the favor, as soon as you can. Like for Like, Comment for Comment.


Once you’ve posted your content you will often find yourself refreshing notification bars to see instant response. Some ways to receive these instantaneous responses are:

Firstly, by using hashtagsI’ve been a blogger for almost a year and i have used a zillion different combinations of hashtags. Track all your posts, see which posts boosted most and study the hashtags you used in them. Save them in your notes and simultaneously use them on different posts while also trying some new ones. Don’t stick to the same hashtags each time, keep changing, change is good.

Secondly, I’ve learned to let your followers know you have a new post via insta story. Or share your post on twitter, facebook or any other social media forum. Encourage them to turn notifications on for your profile, so they are notified whenever you post.


So, you’ve done so much effort on one single picture, are you ready to do all this again, everyday? Technically, yes. You would need to, but we can’t always keep up. To minimize this this daily work, we need to work a bit overtime on days when we have extra time up our sleeves.

Tip 1– Before going to bed, search one very common hashtag that is used in your Instagram community (example- #bookstagram), then go to the ‘Recents’ instead of the ‘Top’, this is going to show you posts of people who have posted very recently, a few seconds ago maybe which means they are most probably still online and if you leave a comment or like on their recent post they are most likely to reply and engage with your content aswell.

Tip 2– Another quick trick would be to check what your following has been upto recently. This you can easily see when you are on your notification section, look all the way on the top where you will see two options- Following | You, choose following, see who are liking and commenting, try to engage with them to get instant response because they are most probably online.

Tip 3– Use simple interactive and exposure methods such as, Shoutouts for Shoutouts, Follows for Follows or even International giveaways to attract audiences towards your blog.

Tip 4– This is the most important of all, make sure on your free-days you catch up on all posts you’ve missed of the people you are following. Sometimes try catching up on posts of people who have earlier commented on your post. This shows you like to engage, and are interested in having an online bond with your followers and blog admirers.


Showing support for other blog no matter how big or small they might be, will always help both you and them, grow in the community. These simple tips will help you gain loyal instagram followers and friends. People who will show support through thick and thin, boost your confidence on low engagement days and engage in fun,easy, pep talks for when you are feeling demotivated.

Overall, the bookstagram community is very welcoming when it comes to showing support to a fellow reader, evidently, your journey will be much fun and full of lively book readers. it is often very easy, to find readers with common and similar interests as yours. My experience on Bookstagram has been the best of all, i would not trade this decision and experience for anything else in the world!

Please share, like and comment this article if you found it helpful. I wish you all best of luck, and lots of love.


Ramsha Ahmed.

Published by thebooknookae

Avid Reader / Bookstagrammer / Bibliophile

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